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Designed With Purpose

Takako (Founder and Designer of was inspired to create a sneaker which fits any situation, night or day, work or play - enabling anyone to make the scene, wherever it may be, with style, confidence, and comfort. 

In addition to design and function, the sneakers feature a unique playfulness as expressed through the combination of material, color, shape, and texture. The brand name "Circle3" is a translation of Takako's Japanese family crest and was selected in tribute to her family roots. Sneaker Making Craftsmanship.JPG

Mastery is achieved through study, practice, apprenticeship

and hard work. 

Our local NYC craftsman

is a true cobbler

with the hands

to show for it.




67 West Street

1st Floor|Inside #100

Brooklyn, NY 11222

Wednesday - Saturday: 11PM to 6PM

Sunday: By Appointment Only